Collaborate with other ‘blue-light services’ to improve service delivery

I believe an efficient and effective police service cannot act alone. As Police and Crime Commissioner I’ve led, alongside the Chair of Cheshire Fire Authority, proposals for the collaboration of Police and Fire HQ back office support and advice services in addition to the work of the Constabulary with other police forces across the North West and beyond. We’ve worked with North Wales Police on firearms and achieved the addition of Nottinghamshire Police into the Cheshire and Northamptonshire Police Multi-Force Shared Service, delivering financial savings by sharing back office functions such as finance and human resource teams.

I will continue to build on this work to increase the capacity and capability of policing operations and maximise any cost savings. Working in partnership remains critical to reducing crime, as does the need for all public services to better understand and further embrace the culture of working together.

In the next four years I will work with local authorities to make the best use of CCTV, public buildings and community patrols and prioritise collaboration with those services that address the root causes of policing demand around drugs, alcohol, mental health and complex family issues.