Give officers the tools and technology they need to work visibly and effectively

Advances in technology are constantly changing the way Cheshire Constabulary polices the county. We’ve made huge advances in recent years by embracing new methods of policing and communication services, including Facebook and Twitter - instant ways to communicate with people and give access to information.

Technology has a crucial part to play in enabling police officers to do their job more efficiently and effectively and increase their visibility. I will continue to support the roll-out of mobile IT equipment, such as tablet computers, to enable officers to be out on the beat, not stuck behind desks doing paperwork. I’ll deliver more Public Contact Points around the county to enable members of the public to have quick and easy access to the Constabulary whilst supporting more traditional methods bu upgrading the main public helpdesk facilities.

I will also support victims by expanding the use of GPS tagging of repeat perpetrators of domestic abuse and introduce 'live-link' technolofy to allow the most vulnerable to give evidence in court in a safe environment.