Strengthen the specialist investigation n teams to tackle cyber-crime and child exploitation

The use of computers, mobile phones and the internet provides extensive access to information and services, almost unimaginable even 10 years ago. Technology is a central part of most people’s lives but cyber-crime is an increasing problem with criminals using new technology to commit offences. This includes hacking important personal information, fraud, the selling of illegal drugs and for child exploitation.

I want Cheshire to have a zero tolerance approach to these crimes and will:

  • Deliver resources on the ground through my commitment to more frontline police officers tackling these issues head on;
  • Support the Chief Constable in providing resources to bolster capacity to investigate cyber and hi-tech crimes;
  • Ensure closer working between the hi-tech and paedophile units;
  • Provide specialist training for officers involved in these areas so that they can respond as effectively as possible; and
  • Maintain investment in a Public Protection Directorate to deliver a determined focus on the protection of vulnerable people.