Strongly represent the needs of young people

Young people make up 25% of Cheshire’s population but too often only adults get involved in the decision making process. That’s why I prioritised the appointment of a Youth Ambassador to champion youth issues, help communicate key messages on issues like internet safety and the dangers of drugs and alcohol and ensure a point of contact for young people to register their views. In 2016 I established the Cheshire Youth Commission to enable young people to support, challenge and inform my work as Police and Crime Commissioner and that of Cheshire Constabulary.

I remain committed to ongoing and effective engagement with young people across Cheshire, not just because their views matter in their own right but as a means to help in the fight to prevent people from offending in the first place.

If re-elected, I will guarantee a focus on youth issues for the next four years and ensure the projects already in place are fully supported to deliver clear outcomes of benefit across the county.