Dog Theft

Dog theft is a massive issue, that has only grown over lockdown as demand for dogs soared.

Dogs are a member of family - not just a possession. Their value extends far beyond a monetary figure. The stories of families having their beloved pet stolen are heartbreaking. I've put together a survey below to measure the experience of Cheshire residents. I will be passing on the strength of your views to both senior officers in Cheshire police, and Home Office and Justice Ministers to make sure they know this is a priority for Cheshire.

Moving forward, I believe the best approach to crack down on this crime is twofold:

1) A review of sentencing structures, to take into account the unique nature of a pet - as they are currently classified simply as a possession.

2) An active policing focus on the issue of dog theft, especially in hot spots - with dedicated community policing contacts.

If elected as Cheshire's Police and Crime Commissioner on 6th May - I pledge to work to deliver both.

You can find more information to help keep your pet safe from the RSPCA here.

Dog Theft Survey

  • 1 Current Dog Theft Survey
  • 2 National Issues
  • 3 Your details
1.1. Do you own a dog / dogs?
1.2. Have you had the dog microchipped?
1.3. Have you had a dog stolen over the last year?
1.4. Do you personally know someone who has had a dog stolen over the last year?
1.5. Have you seen reports of dog theft, or any suspicious activity in relation to dog thefts, on social media?
1.6. In your view, how effective is your local police force at responding to concerns around pet theft?
1.7. If you said yes to 1.3 or 1.4 - Was the theft reported to the Police?
1.8. Over the past year, have you become more fearful of taking your dog out for a walk?
1.9. The maximum sentence for theft is currently seven years in prison, but two years if the goods are valued at less than £500. Do you feel theft of a companion animal should be treated differently to other cases of theft?