My pledge to Cheshire families

If elected I will be:


  • Recruiting 240 more front line police officers over the coming years, to create an establishment of 2,320


  • Increasing the Special Constabulary to an establishment of 500


  • Holding the Chief Constable to account to reduce the amount of crime being committed and to increase the number of crimes being detected


  • Asking the Chief Constable to develop strategies to address rural crimes such as fly tipping, theft of plant and machinery and theft of livestock


  • Asking the Chief Constable to develop strategies to address occurrences of anti-social behaviour


  • Working with your local highways authority and organisations such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists and Road Peace to make your roads safer


  • Joining the North West Fraud Forum and giving you the benefit of their advice on current trends and scams and how to avoid being taken in by them


  • Extending the Mental Health Triage scheme across the County 24/7



  • Making sure the most vulnerable in our society are protected


  • Recruiting a Youth Ambassador in my office who will work with your local volunteer Youth Ambassador


  • Readily accessible to you, and responding to your e-mails, letters and telephone calls within 10 working days, and be your conduit to the Chief Constable to ensure they become aware of your policing concerns


  • Moving the Constabulary towards becoming carbon neutral by 2040


  • Carrying out a root and branch review of the Constabulary processes, including procurement, to reduce wasteful expenditure and ensure we are getting value for money


  • Exploring ways in which members of the public, who do not wish to become Special Constables, can still volunteer their services and skills for the benefit of the Constabulary.