What is a Police and Crime Commissioner?

Police and Crime Commissioners manage a multi-million pound budget.

If Police and Crime Commissioners work with the Government they can help cut crime.

  • Manage a multi-millions pound budget
  • Set local policing priorities
  • Can decide to work with Government to get more police on the beat
  • Support crime-prevention schemes
  • Hold the police to account

The Police and Crime Commissioner in Cheshire looks after a £200 million policing budget for the whole county. They are responsible for the leading the police force in Cheshire – from making sure we have enough police officers and support staff to setting the policing priorities for Cheshire each year. They’re also responsible for hiring the Chief Constable and setting the amount you pay in council tax for the police. 

It’s a serious role. We need experience. Not just another politician.

The Conservative candidate John Dwyer was a police officer for 30 years. Finishing as Assistant Chief Constable for Cheshire.  John isn’t a politician. He’s serious and experienced – and he’s done the job before.

John Dwyer was the first ever Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire – pushing up detection rates for crime across Cheshire and doubling the number of Special Constables.

Cheshire deserves better than another politician in such an important role.