Enhance community policing – maintaining PCSOs

First and foremost, Cheshire Constabulary is here to provide policing to the communities of Cheshire. That support comes in many forms – frontline police officers, Special Constables, police staff, the wide range of volunteers across the county and our important network of Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs).

As I've met residents, businesses and community organisations across Cheshire, they've told me how much they value the presence of PCSOs in their local community, the reassurance they give and the range of different policing options available to them.

As Police and Crime Commissioner I’ll retain the PCSO network to further enhance the visibility of Cheshire Constabulary and continue to recruit Special Constables to support the programme of having a community Special in every town and village in Cheshire. The Special Constabulary now stands at 450 strong, all of whom are active and motivated which compares to 350 members in post in 2012, many of whom were no longer active. Putting more boots on Cheshire’s streets, making the county even safer, more prosperous and a place hostile to criminals, remains my top priority.