My Plan

My Plan for Cheshire is as follows...

  • Safer Roads

    Safer Roads

    Strategies will be developed with agencies such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists and RoSPA to reduce the numbers of people who are killed and seriously injured on the roads of Cheshire

  • Developing support for victims

    Support of Victims

    Vulnerable people of all ages will be protected and supported, as should all victims of crime, this support being made available through multi service close co-operation which will include local authority and NHS provision

  • Tackling Hate and Bullying

    Hate and Bullying

    Victims of race or sexual hate crimes or general bullying will be given support to help them cope with the trauma of such crime and the offenders will be brought to book for this unacceptable behaviour

  • Mental Health Triage

    Mental Health Triage

    Cheshire Police will be given a mental health triage service 24/7 to ensure that those suffering mental health issues, who have committed no crime, can be given a place of safety for treatment rather than a police cell

  • Tackling Cybercrime and Scams

    Cybercrime and Scams

    Strategies will be developed by working with businesses, public groups, internet service providers and focus group agencies to reduce the numbers of victims of cybercrime and scams which cause distress and alarm