2) Safer Roads

Safer Roads

Strategies will be developed with agencies such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists and RoSPA to reduce the numbers of people who are killed and seriously injured on the roads of Cheshire

3) Tackling Cybercrime and Scams

Cybercrime and Scams

Strategies will be developed by working with businesses, public groups, internet service providers and focus group agencies to reduce the numbers of victims of cybercrime and scams which cause distress and alarm

4) Mental Health Triage

Mental Health Triage

Cheshire Police will be given a mental health triage service 24/7 to ensure that those suffering mental health issues, who have committed no crime, can be given a place of safety for treatment rather than a police cell

Strengthen the specialist investigation n teams to tackle cyber-crime and child exploitation

The use of computers, mobile phones and the internet provides extensive access to information and services, almost unimaginable even 10 years ago. Technology is a central part of most people’s lives but cyber-crime is an increasing problem with criminals using new technology to commit offences. This includes hacking important personal information, fraud, the selling of illegal drugs and for child exploitation.I want Cheshire to have a zero tolerance approach to these crimes and will:

Collaborate with other ‘blue-light services’ to improve service delivery

I believe an efficient and effective police service cannot act alone. As Police and Crime Commissioner I’ve led, alongside the Chair of Cheshire Fire Authority, proposals for the collaboration of Police and Fire HQ back office support and advice services in addition to the work of the Constabulary with other police forces across the North West and beyond.

Enhance the Roads Policing Unit with Better Technology

Almost everyone in Cheshire is affected by the road network on a daily basis either as a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian.Although the number of fatal and serious road traffic collisions is down by 24%, there are still too many on our roads. I remain committed to ensuring a robust focus on policing Cheshire’s roads to encourage users to be considerate of others and make them as safe as possible.As Police and Crime Commissioner I will:

Strongly represent the needs of young people

Young people make up 25% of Cheshire’s population but too often only adults get involved in the decision making process. That’s why I prioritised the appointment of a Youth Ambassador to champion youth issues, help communicate key messages on issues like internet safety and the dangers of drugs and alcohol and ensure a point of contact for young people to register their views. In 2016 I established the Cheshire Youth Commission to enable young people to support, challenge and inform my work as Police and Crime Commissioner and that of Cheshire Constabulary.

Extend the mental health triage scheme

Mental health issues affect one in six adults in Britain at any given time and mental health needs are often high amongst offenders linked to drugs and alcohol use. I’ve endorsed the Constabulary’s Mental Health Strategy in my time in office but gone one step further too. Dealing, in an appropriate way, with people who suffer from mental health issues matters greatly to me.

Continue to invest in community and safety projects

I was elected in 2012 to serve the whole of Cheshire, Halton and Warrington, as Police and Crime Commissioner. It has been a particular pleasure for me to support crime prevention activities and projects in communities across the whole Force area, with nearly £1million worth of grants made available for local safety schemes.